Earth Construction Books

HARRISON, Ray. EARTH, The Conservation and Repair of Bowhill Exeter: Working with Cob. James and James, London 1999

HOUBEN, Hugo and GUILLAUD, Hubert. Earth Construction A Comprehensive Guide.    Intermediate Technology, London, 1994   

HURD, John and GOURLEY, Ben.  Terra Britannica.A Celebration of Earthen Structures in Great Britain and Ireland.  James and James, London. 2000

MINKE, Gernot. Earth Construction Handbook. Wit Press, Southampton 2000

NORTON, John. Building with Earth a Handbook. Intermediate Technology, London 1997

PEARSON, Gordon T. Conservation of Clay and Chalk Buildings.Donhead, Shaftesbury 1992

SCHOFIELD & SMALLCOMBE, Jane & Jill. Cob Buildings A Practical Guide. Black Dog Press, Lewdon Farm, Black Dog, Crediton, Ex 17 4QQ 2004

WALKER, Bruce, McGREGOR, Christopher, LITTLE, Rebecca. Earth Structures and Construction in Scotland.Historic Scotland 1996.

WARREN, John. Conservation of Earth Structures. Butterworth and Heinemann, Oxford,1999.

WILLIAMS-ELLIS,Clough and EASTWICK-FIELD, John and Elizabeth. Building in Cob, Pise, and Stablized Earth. Country Life Limited, London, 1947. Reprinted Donhead, Shaftesbury, 1999.

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